The Shame of Life is the card game that combines wisdom and weirdness. Challenging you to discuss, debate, describe, defend the most absurd conversation topics imaginable.

Why MAKE the shame of life?

We created The Shame of Life because itโ€™s exactly what you deserve.

Every minute of every hour of every day, there is someone, somewhere second guessing what theyโ€™re about to say. Worrying itโ€™s too weird, too dumb, too dark, or any of a thousand things that will shame us into silence. Not realising the traits that we’re most ashamed of are often the traits people want to see the most!

So, we made something to celebrate the weird, dumb and dark we all have inside.


The Shame of Life will be available to pre-order from here very soon. For the time being, subscribe to our mailing list and we’ll announce when it’s ready.

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17 hours ago

The Shame of Life

Remember. Children are our future. ... See MoreSee Less

Remember. Children are our future.

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- Uncle Derek's Play Room - The Loving Touch Daycare Centre - KiddyFiddlers Daycentre for Musically Gifted Tots.

McCann Day Care Center

Jarod Fogel Elementary School

Oedipus' mommy care. Master Bates Loves your kids

Our little secret kiddie care

The Casey Anthony and Susan Smith daycare and child transport service.

Fred Kreuger's Daycare on Elm Street


McCanns pre school

I Believe I Can Fly Preschool Academy of Performing Arts

Lol shytes


Little Targets

Saville and west's daycare...

Watkins Preparatory

John Wayne Gacy Center for Childhood Development

Epstein School For Orphan Girls

Derek Zoolander Center for kids who cant read good


The Neverland Ranch

Kiddy diddles

Shooter's pre-k

Jim’ll Fix It Day Care

....future in training .....

Annabelle's playroom

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2 days ago

The Shame of Life

Follow ur dreamz xxx ... See MoreSee Less

Follow ur dreamz xxx

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Talent for judging just the right amount of anything to fit perfectly in the space available!

Anti-Grey Hair Power. No, I don't dye my hair you presumptuous balloon.

Be able to charge mobile phones within a 1m radius of yourself

Ability to clean anything with a thought.

Be able to fold a fitted sheet

Put a USB plug in the right way round first time

finding money on the floor , boring in hindsight but over time you could be loaded

The powers to get a good nights rest.

Keith Dallmer...I can fold the bottom bedsheet... mooohahaha

The power to slow down the Aldi till worker ๐Ÿ˜‚

The ability to give people a heavy and instantaneous diarrhea attack

A self cleaning sphincter.

Super self control

The ability to keep the laundry basket empty. I swear, it breeds

Sky Plus for your wife’s conversations โชโฏโฉโญ

The ability to have dishwasher automatically empty and fill.

Accurately predict the weather.

Pizza Kinesis. Ability to manifest and control pizza. (within normal pizza operational standards.) [So like you can reheat cold pizza, or stuff an unstuffed crust, etc.]

The ability to create a perfect 6ft radius circle around me, of blue sky and 35deg C sunshine at will...

Be able to sharpen a pencil with your mind.

The ability to make girls feel horny for you by pointing your finger at em

The ability to get wild animals to bring me an ice cold beer.

The ability to refill anything.

The ability to make sure the office printer works perfectly every time.

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3 days ago

The Shame of Life

#midweekweep ... See MoreSee Less


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"Daddy loves me that way"

I never thought a stuffed platypus could be so beautiful

"but....but....your dad liked it.."

It's a double rainbow. What does it mean?! ๐Ÿคฃ

"This song is about her cat!!!" (Adele's Hello...) Schon James Smith

I do it for the taste.

That's not the way nana did it!

I thought you liked Pacman

Jesus Christ Betty White




Put the doughnuts down you monster...

Why you always gotta be such a Salty Bitch... ?

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4 days ago

The Shame of Life

How are YOU going to gain E.Tโ€™s trust? ... See MoreSee Less

How are YOU going to gain E.Tโ€™s trust?

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My will/dying wishes. And a donor card.

This page is so weirdly on top of trends instantaneously. I guess I'll take this with me.

An enormous sound system, somehow kept together on one bike, playing the Benny Hill theme as we charge towards them

Invisibility device

A BMX with a basket on the front and a big towel...the great escape ๐Ÿ˜‚

Copy of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

Elon musk and his tech

The alien in the room upstairs should get me access it worked for will smith. I mean it was my sons room but I swear hes been abducted and they've mixed up which one was mine when they brought them back.

A whole load of cannon fodder to go ahead of me, oh wait, that’s already going to be there......

A bulletproof vest

milkyway magic stars, they are the best chocolates and shaped like stars

A thunder canon

No point in it. I've seen how they treat humans. It's unlikely that "them aliens" will be alive.

Will Smith obviously

Popcorn and a shirt that says "Don't shoot. I'm just here for the show."


Harry Potters invisibility cloak

Reese's pieces.

a camera

Donald Trump's eye ball and right hand. They'll definitely be fingerprint and retina scanners to get into the juicy parts of Area 51. Just don't ask how I'll get hold of them ๐Ÿคซ


Condoms. Lots of condoms...

A fucking stasis field.

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5 days ago

The Shame of Life

Erm, thanks. I guess. ... See MoreSee Less

Erm, thanks. I guess.

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Congratulations it’s a boy!

A Manchester United shirt.

Birthday blowjob

A bukake.

His little black book

A 16 inch King Dong.


a butt plug

His virginity

his existence XD (I don't like him and want nothing to do with him)

Used dildo.

A dick pic

a dildo.

Anal bleaching.

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6 days ago

The Shame of Life

Express yourself. ... See MoreSee Less

Express yourself.

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A peace dove, on my hand. My greatest enemy is myself.

A speed cock on the face. I don't care how skilled I am as an artist, the classics are the best.

I'm old fashioned, so it'd have to be a spurting dick and very finely detailed balls on their face. I've got a good eye for details. ๐Ÿง

No Regerts

Better be passed out really deep.... I got a whole story to ink on the mfs face

Well, across the lower back (tramp stamp) a leafy design with the words "FEED ME!" in the middle.... On the cheeks..... Audrey II

Nothing. I tat the other guy passed out drunk and leave the tat gun in my enemies hand.

I change their eye colors for them

that would be a criminal act assaulting a persons privacy...I wouldn’t do it nor would I encourage it...

I'm gonna tattoo Trump's face on their back they won't notice right away but when they do it'll be priceless

Giant green slug eyebrows

A penis on their neck!!

I would cover his entire body in immensely detailed penises, forming a pattern with no gaps. Then to conclude, write "I suck dick" on his eyelids.

it should be something they wont find right away. maybe something only a lover would find... Perhaps some suggestion of disease in a tramp stamp area. hmm...I don't think I have enough hate to do this one.

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7 days ago

The Shame of Life

My moneyโ€™s on Maggie Simpson. ... See MoreSee Less

My moneyโ€™s on Maggie Simpson.

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Charlene "Charlie" McGee would win. She was portrayed by Drew Barrymore in Firestarter

DIS GUY ๐Ÿ˜Ž with a tap of his watch, he'd pause time and space, everyone including maggie simpson would be frozen, bernard could set everyone alight and win in seconds

John connor

Eddie Munster

Louise Belcher hands down

cosmic ghost rider

Brandon Breyers the kid in Brightside he is pretty much superman but evil he has no emotions and doesnt care who he kills.

Wednesday Addams for the win :p

Stewie Griffin

El from stranger things

Damien from The Omen

Hermione Granger

If all the rugrats were put in a battle royale situation who would win? ๐Ÿค”

Peter Pan.


Stewie Griffin.


Sir Ike Broflovski.

Horrid Henry is a nasty piece of work

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1 week ago

The Shame of Life

๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ˜ฑ ... See MoreSee Less


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Hospice Theme. Call it "One For The Road"

Big comfy couch....

the bouncers bar they'd all kick off at each other and fight over whos allowed to be the doormen and asking everyone for SIA badges to get in

Having run pubs for several years, I can tell you, there are flavours of freaks out there to frequent every single one of these. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Pay your age bar , so the cheapest drink ofc would be £18 since you have to be 18 to drink


Former AA Members

1$ latex glove grove

A pub that serves only milk

Mocktail Night

Std themed. Every drink is named after one

Gary Glitters "wanna be in my gang" biker bar.

Blind Pilots Society

Smegma and Smirkin' "You're going to regret your night anyways, may as well know what you're getting into"

Dmv theme

Cosby theme Ladies night: free jello shots

'Rowhipnal night' To all the losers out there who can't manage to pull!

Chainsaw Massacre Bar

A bar that you pay what you want

The Rohypnol Lounge... Ladies Night: Half off Roofie Coladas

A hardcore nightclub for OAP’s

Slug lounge.

Police Department Theme. You get outta hand you in da slammer until whoever you came with is ready to leave. Then, you are also now a sober driver lol

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1 week ago

The Shame of Life

Maybe you hate the child.
Maybe you donโ€™t.
... See MoreSee Less

Maybe you hate the child. 
Maybe you donโ€™t.

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We didn't give her it per se...but my friends 3 year old found the rusty saw we keep in a cupboard in the kitchen and giggling ran in the room dragging it behind her....think I pooped and experienced my heart stopping at the exact same time that day...

Teaching a toddler to debate is the most irresponsible gift to give them.

A weekend in Portugal with the McCanns.

A tazer. Zap Zap!

Sharpies, glitter and gak

MDMA and an oedipus complex

A sibling


rare earth magnets



Another toddler

But imagine giving a kid booze and a pair of clackers....๐Ÿค”...

Baby's First Stripper Pole

A baby, ever see a child get used as a bat?

The leadership of the tory party?


Toddlers can make anything dangerous


A gun?

Anything with batteries

Acetalyne torch.



Cocaine dipped dummies and a gun.

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1 week ago

The Shame of Life

Fuck hump day. ... See MoreSee Less

Fuck hump day.

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Seven day weekends

Pants-free Friday!

fursuit fridays, EVERYONE must be a furry for the day XD

New water cooler. But replace water with wine and cocktails


S&M staff meetings held on monday mornings, wednesday afternoons or friday lunch time (wet food available)

Kittens. Every day kittens

Scream at the Customer Wednesdays.

A cat day, as this might chill a few people out

Fap breaks.

Nap time

Bring your dogs to work or at least free food

Additional PTO for nonsmokers

Hot chocolate in the conference rooms

Don't talk to your staff like they are kids day

Punch a Tory Tuesdays.

Customers always wrong day. Followed by bitch slap a customer day

Wack off Wednesday

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