bonus game modes


If playing the Dictator! rules, the other players can overthrow the existing Dictator, replacing them with another player by way of a unanimous vote. The old Dictator will inherit the card totals of the player who replaced them. 


Normal rules apply, with one extra condition… if it’s your turn to answer and you don’t know what to say, you finish your drink, fake-crying into your glass/bottle as you do so. 


The game mode for the worst of the worst. Normal rules apply, with the exception that the most offensive answer wins each round. 


Attempt to predict another players answers during the game, by writing what you think they’ll say before they say it. Anyone who correctly predicts another player’s answer automatically wins that round.


Each player must play the game with an ice cube wedged between their buttocks. Perfect for those long, hot summer evenings. 


Have no friends to play with? Simply memorise five game cards a day and work them into conversations with strangers. You’ll make ‘friends’ in no time.