The Shame of Life is reliant upon the creativity of our players. To show just how much we believe that, we’re offering our fans the opportunity to collaborate with us on our very first expansion pack, Return of the Shame. We’ve got a tonne of expansion pack ideas, but launching a fan contribution pack first is the best way to show how much we intend to put our fans in the centre of every development of the game.

We’re offering this chance through Kickstarter. The backers of our ‘Create!’ Kickstarter reward, will work with us on a card idea, which will go into the Return of The Shame expansion pack. Each backer of this reward will get the following…

  • A signed copy of The Shame of Life
  • A signed copy of the expansion pack they helped build.
  • Get credited on the card they helped create
  • A one-of-a-kind card written about them.

Only 30 of these rewards will be made available, and is likely to sell out fast. Anyone who’s interested should make sure they order theirs on the 1st day of the Kickstarter campaign.