In yet another ground breaking piece of research, the creators of The Shame of Life have discovered that 89% of  people would prefer to date a possessed 12-year-old than they would the President of the United States.

In a world which places so much emphasis on aspiration, it would be safe to assume that a ‘leader of the free world’ would have their pick of romantic partners. Think again. According to these findings, it seems 89% of people would prefer to know their lover is the antichrist, rather than date someone pretending to be a saviour.

The card game, which gets players to debate and discuss absurd topics, stumbled across the market research potential of their game when they first started testing their questions with friends. The Shame of Life creator, whose last piece of research unearthed the fact that most people would prefer to be a cat with a man cock than a man with a cat cock, was even more surprised by the findings in this study…

“It’s incredible. You see this guy. Wonderful tan. Big brain. Knows a lot of things. Big things… he could grab, I mean… ‘date’ anyone he’d like, but thanks to Fake News CNN, he can’t. And it’s a terrible situation, I can tell you that.”

Gareth wouldn’t be drawn on exactly what research will be taking place next on their Facebook page, so the only way to find out is to follow them on Facebook. To get your hands on the questions that inspire their legendary research, be sure to back their Kickstarter on the 1st of May.