The creators of a new card game have unearthed a series of telling statistics about what people would prefer given a choice between two bizarre options. Last week they asked their followers if they’d rather be a “Cat with a man cock or a man with a cat cock?”, with the former winning in a landslide.

In spite of an abundance of assurances from sex therapists and relationship gurus over the years, it still seems that size really does matter. According to the latest figures, 85% of people opted for a life without opposable thumbs simply to avoid the indignity of being ill-equipped between-me-down-there.

The Shame of Life, the card game of weird conversations, claim that this is just the beginning of what they’re uncovering about people. They started this journey almost one year ago, when they first started testing their game, and were surprised with the responses of people.

“It’s amazing to see… Given the right question, you can open up a completely unexpected side of someone,” said Gareth, the creator of The Shame of Life. “I spent my whole life with tiny, barbed genitals. I knew they were undesirable… but that undesirable!? This game has already taught me so much.”

Breeze has promised plenty more surveys to come on their Facebook page. Anyone who wants to get their actual hands on the questions The Shame of Life have created for the world, the game is launching on Kickstarter in May. Visit for more information.