show me some cards


If you could have an animal part grafted onto your body, what would it be and where?


A Halloween costume that crosses the line.


What is God's least favourite thing about you?


Lay an egg every hour or have chickens attack you whenever you don't think about chickens?



how do you play?

Players respond to the questions on the card. If you want to play competitively, the best contribution wins a round.

The first to win five rounds wins the game.


Typically anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours. It really depends on the number of people playing. This game has questions that can lead to wild and weird tangents, so it varies widely. The general rule would be with more players the longer the game


If you just want to play casually, it doesn't matter.

For a competitive game, to get a good mix of opinions and better voting, we recommend playing with four or more players.



For people who love it chaotic and sloppy, this is an absolute free-for-all. The players respond in a natural, conversational way. The card reader chooses the best contributor.


For the people who love order and the limelight in equal measure. The players take turns to respond to each card. The card reader chooses the winner.


For the friends who like to see the bosses sweat. Flip the game completely on its head by making the card reader respond to each card and have the other players vote on whether they did a good enough job..


Great for introducing new people to the game. At the start of the game, the players elect a Dictator. Throughout the game the Dictator decides how each round will be played, picks the winners for each round, and adds any extra context to the discussions.

meet the PACKS

Writing expansion packs is one of the best part of The Shame of Life, and we don't just keep that pleasure to ourselves. In this glorious assortment of absurdness, there are two packs filled with fan submissions. Sandwiched between them you have a spooky themed pack, a pack all about school life and one to roast your friends with. Hell, let us formally introduce you to the gang...

Our first expansion pack, comprised of 30 cards created in collaboration from some of the beautiful weirdos that backed our Kickstarter.

The pack that refuses to just let go. Stuffed with questions to exorcise the demons of adolescence, and beat the shame of school life.

The youngest and our inevitable favourite, this dark and fearful beauty was launched for Halloween and has been a top seller ever since. She’ll take you through fear and bring you out smiling on the other side.

Put a name in the game with our roast pack that's full of brand new cards with blank spaces in each question so you and your nearest and weirdest can roast each other good and proper..

The second installment of our series of collaborations with our strange and beautiful fans. This pack is not only almost twice the size of Return of the Shame, is more than double the weird.