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We have launched the game through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to help us raise the cash to manufacture the game. 

What the heck is Kickstarter?


In short, it’s a crowd funding platform for projects and products. Creators sell a fixed number of ‘rewards’ to help the project meet its funding goal.

The people (aka backers) who have bought these rewards only have their money for their purchase taken if the project meets its individual funding goal. This means that if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, it gets nothing, nada, zip! 


Go view the Kickstarter, and if you like what you see, order yourself a copy of the game, and together we can give the whole world The Shame of Life.


the story so far

MAy 2018

Three friends started to set each other challenges to solve problems in ridiculous or taboo subjects. Questions like, ‘How can your grandad be your grandad twice?’. An idea for a game was born.


After two months of writing and rewriting, the first prototype was made and tested on a small focus group. The complex problem solving questions failed miserably (people don’t like maths, who knew?), but other alternative categories of questions that focused on improvisation, choice and collaboration worked beautifully. 

OCtober 2018

With the deadwood cut away and the best performing categories emphasised, the game went back to focus groups who responded really well to the latest version. The core structure was set, now to fine tune.

November 2018

An online testing group (The Shame Trust) was created to provide feedback on samples of cards, producing loads of data for comparative analysis, In doing so, The Shame Trust enabled us to make some of the weirdest spreadsheets in the history of computers, creating situations in which the game’s creator actually used the words like ‘IF function’ and ‘chimp fucker’ in the same sentence. 

DECember 2018

We spent an obscene amount of hours working on the data, culminating in us having a precise idea of exactly what kind of game cards work well for the masses. As a thank you to the members of The Shame Trust, sample packs were made and sent out to the contributing members. 

january 2019

Some minor tweaks were made to the gameplay following feedback from Shame Trust members personal testing sessions. We built this absolute beauty of a site in house, finalised the launch strategy, and went ‘live’. Next step, build an audience and prepare for Kickstarter.

February 2019

Within a couple of weeks we’d gained thousands of Facebook followers, commenting and engaging with  of our photos of giant game cards in and around Manchester. 

March 2019

Our Facebook following kept growing from strength to strength while we worked hard on getting the campaign ready for Kickstarter. The long awaited campaign video was shot with the help of members of the public and staff at some of Manchester’s bars and shops. 

APRIL 2019

The long-targeted date of 1st of May was finally announced for our Kickstarter launch date. All the final campaign prep work kicked into overdrive, with Gareth working ever hour he could to raise our chances of a successful campaign.

our team

Gareth – Creator & CEO 
Emily – Design Consultant
Agnes – Cat
Rupert – Cat


Russ, Amy, Max, Joe, Matty, Lily, Phil and all the members of The Shame Trust.